New Suggested 11/12/2021 by le petit chose



A loyalty program for loyal investors

Dear Bluezilla Team,

First of all, we would like to thank you very much for the happiness you have given us at the last Metavpad IDO.

You know that after such a high IDO, there is almost a 60% decrease in all current Bluezilla Pads.

We loyal Bluezilla investors are very impressed with their price decrease and the IDOs we buy almost do not cover the Pad priece we have invested.

That's why we ask you to develop a loyalty program for loyal investors.

We think that this will both keep the existing holders in the system and prevent the current declines after the hype high IDOs.

We know very well that you are aware of this situation and we have no doubt that you will take steps to protect us as investors.

We kindly ask you to develop a system to prevent sudden price drops and to keep loyal investors in the system longer.

These can be as follows;

- Regular Airdrops can be given every month for your loyal investors in the system

- For loyal investors who stay in the system, their shares from IDOs can be increased, taking into account the time they remain in the system,

- Developing a point system for loyal investors standing in the system and giving high APY,

-Special IDOs can be offered for sale/allocated for loyal investors who are in the system (For example, special IDOs for loyal investors who have been in the system for 4 months)

These are just a few suggestions that come to mind. We have no doubt that you will take the best steps to protect us loyal investors.

We love Bluezilla and we loyal investors will be here for a long time to come.

Thank you in advance for everything.

Best regards

Bluezilla Mania
This is a great idea. Bluezilla is no longer just an incubator, it is a brand, a brand people trust and love. We, as loyal investors, know the fact that you can not change the market dynamics, however there is something you can change and it is suggested above. The sudden big decreases fear people and push them away from this great community. People on twitter, especially influencers, share charts and show their followers the price change of the lasd IDO which is up to %60. This number is intimidating, however you have the power to change this problem. Most of the late investors are in loss, and you and i know that we need more people coming to this systems just like in any other businesses.

Please prepare a plan and let us handle the rest... Much love and regards.
11/12/2021 12:21
As an ethpad investor,

I am quite happy to be part of this family and grateful to any single person who are in the team and providing us these oppurtunities.
But, this kinf of loyalty program for loyal investors could make the system perfect and provide confidence who would like to stay in the program fora long time. For instance, as an ethpad investor my plans are for the long term but I am a bit worried about the future since crypto markets are too volatile and risky. But if you offer this sort of program for loyal investors, that could help us stay in for a long time and would bring new investors.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.
11/12/2021 12:49
Cross Hair
Hi there! I appreciate all the great efforts you have done for the community until now. But now is the time to stop making IDO`s for launchpads but real projects. Our staked pads have halved their price and quarter is on the way. I know staking for a launchpad needs patience and time yet it would be great to have some real rewards on the way. Our allocation for the IDOs are decreasing as the time passes by.
Your infrastructure is great, we haven`t experienced any troubles during kyc's or IDO's. I just think that you can do more than that with this community.
11/12/2021 15:07
Erol Baştaş
The loyalty program is a great idea. It protects the bluezilla investor.
11/12/2021 15:57
Ramazan Danışman
dear Bluezilla Team,

The son is very important to be kept alive on Metavpad.

You know, after such a high IDO, all current Bluezilla Pads have an intense 60% rage.

We loyal Bluezillas are very expensive that we don't quote and while investing them, it doesn't quite cover the price of the Pad.

We ask you to develop a loyalty program for this purpose.

This will prevent both current owners and high IDOs to continue.

Apply this positive thinking very well.

They prioritize you developing a system to further plan their immediate pricing and schedule them to implement.

You can be like these;

- Airdrops for your orders in the system for months.

- For the remaining usage in the system, discounts can be paid from IDOs for a period of time, can be increased,

- Development of a point system for the faithful who stand in the system and give high APY

-Special IDOs loyal to the system can be used to what is widely available

These are just a few suggestions. We have no doubt that you will be in the best position to protect us the faithful.

We loyal to Bluezilla and we can stay here for a long time.

Thanks in advance for everything.

Best regards @lepetitchose
11/12/2021 16:52
Ugur Celik
Such a thing like these ideas would be great. We trust Bluezilla.
Best regards.
11/12/2021 19:43
Uğur Uysal
The loyalty program is an awesome idea. This is the best for all of us. We believe bluezilla.
12/12/2021 01:37
sunulan oneriler tamamen yerinde, bir an once yapilmasi ve yatirimcilarin korunmasi gerekiyor... zira yaptigimiz yatirimlardan dolayi zarardayiz
12/12/2021 05:02
El Tanyer
We have full confidence in you
12/12/2021 05:27
This kind of loyalty program is very necessary more than ever. I want to keep my investment on ethpad for a very long time, but we need to build stronger relationship among us. I have been satisfied with everything I was able to achieve in here but to protect loyal investors, some further amendments can be made. Above-mentioned suggestions sound great but I am sure that you as a team could find other ways too, in order to protect us.

12/12/2021 06:50
Mehmet UTKU
Hi there! I appreciate all the great efforts you have done for the community until now. From Now this loyalty program should be applied for loyal investors. It keeps away price fluctuations and make new investor for organization.
12/12/2021 07:02
Deren Kömeçoğlu
We are supporters of bluezilla projects as a big team of willing and believing. I demand that the project distribution in the launchpads be increased in order to support small investors. We look forward to December surprises. Best regards
12/12/2021 07:19
Apy or airdrop distribution based on the time staked, or giving more shares in the tier system will prevent price fluctuations such as linear distribution in vesting
12/12/2021 09:08
This program will be beneficial for Bluezilla investors, it should be evaluated. Also, I would like to thank the Turkish admins of BSCPAD for their selfless efforts.
12/12/2021 09:56
fatih bostanci
Dear Bluezilla Team;
I completely concur with the abovementioned "loyalty program" suggestion. Besides, as soon as possible, we are looking forward to a new IDO as loyal NFTL investors. I believe we deserved it, Don't we?
"In Bluezilla We Trust"
12/12/2021 15:09
Rafael Goersch Guedes
I had opened a ticket regarding this. We can´t even take advantage of our vested tokens to gain a tier level nor we can´t stake them. Another point is, everytime we have a launchpad be released, the previous launchpad that we are part of is going to be diluted.
12/12/2021 16:01
while thinking of this,
I realized that this subject has a great potential be a great milestone. Creating this kind of relationship with loyal stakers would make this community stronger. Of course we are aware of the risks of this market but knowing that we, as loyal stakers, are being watched and considered as valuable contributers to the community would make us feel much better. Decreasing prices of the pads effect us negatively but this sort of system could recover the losses along with making us feel more belong to the community. By constructing such a system we could establish a solid and long-term environment without worrying if the market is bullish or bearish.
12/12/2021 16:20
Thats great idea. If you protect investors, we protect Bluezilla. that's the what family does
12/12/2021 16:27
Domenico Piccichè
I propose to add a very important further point to this loyalty system: please allow vested coins (e.g. metavpad, pulsepad, etc.) to count towards tier level. Please consider vested coins as staked coins, giving apys to investors and allowing them to participate into the idos. Thank you so much!
12/12/2021 18:49
le petit chose
Here's another great suggestion from Domenico Piccichè,
I agree with Domenico Piccichè, it's a great suggestion. It would be nice to at least stake the tokens received and locked from IDO (6 months during the IDO Vesting period) and benefit/allocation/participation from future IDOs.
13/12/2021 00:28
I also agree with those who expressed their opinions. A system built on loyalty will be a very nice reward for users who have adopted you. it will also increase the number of people who want to stay in the program and act as a barrier to possible declines.
13/12/2021 01:07
Dirobaba Dirobaba
I request silver members to be given a little more luck, personally, 8/9 ido is equivalent to once, but pad ido doesn't happen, unfortunately, with all due respect.
13/12/2021 01:29
Chikamma Morgan
Thank you the Bluezilla team for the great work so far. However, an incentives for loyal investors is a brilliant idea that deserve high level of consideration. For instance, Ethpad isn't attractive considering the high gas fee and a handful of projects they launch yet, we remain steadfast.

The BZ team and loyal investors are in this journey together.

Thank you
13/12/2021 17:30
As an investor, We need urgently investor programme especially depending on staking time related with allocation.
Otherwise, After each launch, Launchpad prises is gettin dumped.
We need some precaution as you can see.
Thank You
14/12/2021 14:44
Bluezilla Loyal Investor
Great idea for a great incubator who has a great brand and of course, a great community as loyal investors. You Bluezilla team has the know how and IQ to make us more happy, thanks a lot.
16/12/2021 10:06
Tony Montana
Dear Bluezilla Admins,

People are depositing money on the sites you have already staked on. Some users are staking, joining the ido, selling and escaping, coming back to the next ido, staking, entering and selling the ido. However, we keep our investment stable and remain loyal to the system. We need to be different from other hit-and-run investors, and I think you can solve this by applying loyalty. Please give privilege to me and investors like me on this subject, the money we invest often melts in the background because of such hit-and-run investors. I request your help on the matter.
Best regards..
17/12/2021 13:46
Arvind Soni
21/12/2021 13:19
I am in favor, I think that they could help us to be part of the family and gain power thanks to our perseverance. Since the token does not stop falling and we are still here, without forgetting that lately there have not been many gone and the percentages of the rewards have also fallen. It would be a great opportunity for both parties, since loyalty in difficult times would be, on the one hand, an opportunity to grow and, on the other, a future investment for the brand.
24/02/2022 06:51
Serkan Topaloglu
I agree with all suggestions. I have been a bluezilla investor for about 4 months and my loss has reached terrible levels. I have completely allocated my resources and I do not have any other resources to take advantage of during this downturn and I cannot reduce costs. When we come to the cost of perception in thousands of people like me and me, we must escape the perception that you can see it in telegram groups. For this reason, you should definitely include incentives that will keep and support loyal investors like me and myself, and increase our investment even if it does not fully cover our losses. I hope that what we have written will be taken into consideration and you will listen to our voice.
24/02/2022 07:00
Yusuf Sulayman
i have submitted an IDO form for potential for my token but didnt get any response from bscpad over 1 month now ,can anybody please giveme tips on how to go about this

i will really appreciate
29/03/2022 16:59
I wish you guys decided to make the program for regular users. I have had velaspad for several months, I am hodl with metavpad to finish the assignment level, and then I was thinking of doing gzone. I also work with wagyu and astro. and I think that giving the opportunity to grow in new projects for points and such, would be good for everyone since people would sell less of their assignments in gone.
29/03/2022 17:54
G s
30/04/2022 02:00
ugur ozbek
absoluetly i agree this idea. i am loyal BZ investor and i have invest 7 BZ pad. and never made trade i always staked. but apy is not enough and we dont have any advantage for this. pls take us care.
02/05/2022 05:50
le petit chose
Thank you Bluezilla for the MoveZ IDO discount of 99% on the total investment for loyal investors.
24/05/2022 05:01

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