New Suggested 14/04/2022



Stop listing on CEX first - bring back fair WL1&2 listings

Listing on MEXC or before adding LP to a DEX just kills the token.

Listing using the WL1&2 system was way better. 

When you guys started blacklisting people that sold for a decent profit you kinda cut everyone's wings midflight.

When people tried to change wallets, you added more staking time.

People buy IDO's because they hope to make a profit.

If an IDO requires a big amount of tokens staked & locked for a long time, and then it goes and dumps under IDO price, who in their right mind will continue to buy?!

We need a change! We want a change! We trust that you can make a change!

+1 everytime you see a project that is going to list on mexc you know it is going to be a huge dump fest
15/04/2022 07:14
+1 +1 +1 +1 ...............

please list for your own loyal investor first.
We invest in LP to shop first.
Please hear our voice...
17/04/2022 08:49
We feel cheated.

Rest assured it's the general investor's opinion.

It is important to improve this situation!!!

Loyal investor should be considered first, not Mecx or any other stock market

17/04/2022 08:55
Zubi Zubi
No surprise, BZ gives a shit about its investors. All thet care is how to make money. Never listnet to their community. Burn in hell
24/05/2022 11:55

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