New Suggested 30/04/2022



Rewarding and protecting the loyal investor.

Dear Bluezilla team.
Since we understood from the works you have done so far that you are a quality team, we became God mode by investing when the price was at its peak. Instead of crying, saying that our savings in Gamezone melted by 95% in the falling market, we became celestial by investing additionally. Many NFT projects reach incredible prices.
You have countless arguments, project opportunities, and most importantly, still a loyal investor base to mend the shattered trust and make everyone rush to Bluezilla launch pads again. For example, you can make a qualified (with famous NFT artists or studios) NFT project. Here, you can reward your loyal investors with airdrop and become a Bluezilla investor. You can teach what it means. You can burn tokens, and if necessary, you can give various gifts by using the capital you have earned so far. You can make trending projects such as move to earn and get allocations for existing ones with us.
We have accomplished great things so far, but there are thousands of projects to be done and millions to be won. We trust you, I trust you. Please increase your communication.
Kind regards.

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